Paper Mache In a Big Big Way is a Go

Size Diversity Activism, Paper Mâché, and a Guinness Record.  You Know You Wanna Be Part of This!

After hearing about Angela Meadows’ fantastic idea to destroy our old diet books as part of a Size Acceptance revolution, we wanted to join in – in a big way. We can donate our own books, but we can go farther than that – why not liberate diet books from local re-sale shops (local businesses make money, the diet companies don’t) too.  And why not use the books to make a paper mâché sculpture? And not just any paper mâché sculpture, but a size-positive sculpture that breaks the Guinness World Record for paper mâché!

Want to be involved?  Super Awesome!  There are lots of ways:

Send us your old diet books.

Media mail is cheap and we’ll put them to very good use! E-mail us to get the address and send them along.

Donate to our diet book liberation fund.

We’ll use 100% of funds to liberate diet books from re-sale shops, and use 100% of books for our sculpture.

Paypal Button

Here’s a fun way to help the planet, the project, and local businesses:

Participate in the Paper Mâché Days

If you’re in the LA area you can attend a build day, bring your diet books, hang out, and paper mâché to your heart’s content.

Join the Size Diversity Task Force!

While you’re at it, consider joining the Size Diversity Task Force.  An organization dedicated to Size Diversity Activism, Community, and Empowerment.  The membership fee is name-your-own-price.We use membership fees to fund operations and projects like this, but we are more interested in your involvement than your money so pay what you can and join us – member funded, member run, and kicking ass.  We are LA-based amd have members around the world – you can attend meetings and participate in our projects virtually.  Join Now!

Do your own project

Rip up your diet books, make a mobile, you can create a video and join Angela’s project with us.

For more paper mache madness, check out Brenda Oelbaum’s work!


About danceswithfat

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be IRONMAN, Activist, Fat Person.

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