Current Projects

Paper Mâché in a Big, Big, Way – After hearing about Angela Meadows’ fantastic idea to destroy our old diet books as part of a Size Acceptance revolution, we wanted to join in – in a big way. We can donate our own books, but we can go farther than that – why not liberate diet books from local re-sale shops (local businesses make money, the diet companies don’t) too.  And why not use the books to make a paper mâché sculpture? And not just any paper mâché sculpture, but a size-positive sculpture that breaks the Guinness World Record for paper mâché!

Two ThumbsMedical Advocate Project – Have you ever been mistreated or underserved at a doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic because your were fat? Have you ever been stereotyped by a medical care provider or had your health judged based on your body size? These things happen every day. We have an amazing opportunity to let our stories be heard by HUNDREDS of people training to become Medical Advocates. If you’d like to be involved please email You just need to submit a video (or come to our Action Meeting this Sunday in Whittier and record your clip.) Please consider getting involved – this is such an incredible opportunity!! Please spread the word as well! Sunday 4/14 is our FINAL DEADLINE.

Fit Fatties Across America!  Free and fun – from New York City to Los Angeles, we’ll pool our time and distance as we run, dance, swim, walk, hike, play and work out all the way across the continent. Completely free and open to all Forum Members.  Details are here (if you aren’t yet a member you’ll be prompted to join – it’s completely free)

Past Projects

Sign the petition to Keep Kids Off The Biggest Loser – The Biggest Loser” is not a camp where people go to get healthy. It is a reality show where people risk their health and their very lives in a 21st-century coliseum. They are routinely verbally and emotionally abused in an attempt to win money by making their bodies as small as possible as fast as possible. If adults want to do that it’s their choice, but do we really want that for our kids? Do we want children to see this as the type of behavior they should model?



September 29th:  Take Back the Beach

Join us as we boldy and unapologetically challenge our society’s narrow beauty ideals. Celebrators of Body Diversity will proudly sport beautiful bikinis and stylish swimwear as we relax on the sands and play in the waves of Huntington Beach. We will start with a few hours of daytime beach fun and end with a fabulous beach bonfire! Full info at

Minnie Mouse Doesn’t Need a Model Make Over!

Sign the petition to tell Barneys and Disney that they shouldn’t make Minnie Mouse a 5’11, Size 0 model just to fit into a high fashion dress. This is the wrong message to send to girls. We have over 1,000 signatures and we would love to have yours.

Victory!  Even though our campaign was cut short by Hurricane Sandy, we got over 145,000 signatures and Disney and Barneys changed their video to include a bigger Minnie and to end with Minnie Mouse in her usual form and in the high fashion dress they originally said she wouldn’t look good in.


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